What's the vision?

We want to see people from all walks of life encountering Jesus. Jesus loves the poor, the rich, the doing OK, the lonely, the marginalised, the successful, those rejected in society. Everyone.

We want to see people discovering the dream Jesus has for their lives. We want to see people moving from a place of asking Jesus to bless their goals for their life to saying, ‘Jesus, what is your dream for my life? We want to be asking the question, ‘Jesus, what are you up to? What are you up to in my workplace or in this relationship? Jesus, what are you doing around me that I can partner with you in? What have you made me to be and to do?’

We believe that Jesus has a wonderful, beautiful and outrageous dream for the city of Edinburgh. We want to be a community who are joining in with what he is up to in our families, our neighbourhoods and communities, in business, government, social justice, education. God is offering his love for us to enjoy freely and unconditionally, we want to share that love with the city.

In short, we want to see people encountering Jesus and following him to love, serve and give life to the city of Edinburgh.

What is the Vineyard?

The Vineyard Movement is a worldwide network of over 2,500 churches, led in its earliest years by the late John Wimber.

The Vineyard Movement is committed to seeing each generation reached by the power of the Gospel. With a view to embrace integrity in Christian character, along with the activity of the Holy Spirit, each Vineyard church seeks to be an outpost of God’s compassionate love in a broken world.

The genetic make up (the DNA) of the Vineyard significantly influences who we are and what we prioritise. To hear more you can go to the Vineyard UK and Ireland website.

Vineyard UK and Ireland