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The best bit you need to know: 


Vineyard Kids is the best place to be. Our vision is to teach and equip the children to follow Jesus. We love to do that in an environment where the children feel loved, valued and safe. We also love to see them growing in their friendship with the Holy Spirit so you’ll often see some of the kids learning to pray for each other and for the Vineyard Kids team. Everyone gets to play. 

The practical bits you need to know first.


Vineyard Kids is aimed at those children aged 9 months to 11 years and sign in starts at 10:45am in the room next to the main meeting room. Vineyard Kids runs for the full length of the gathering, allowing the children to have time and space to grow in their friendship with Jesus. All of the Vineyard Kids team are PVG checked. If you’re wanting to find out more about Vineyard Kids, please use the Contact Us page. 


If it’s your first time at Edinburgh Vineyard, one of the team will meet you and show you where you to register your children. Our team are easy to spot- just look out for a yellow t-shirt with the vineyard Kids logo on it!

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