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Here are three books that are not only a great read, but contain a tonne of wisdom for living. They are inspiring, challenging and really helpful.  Many of us at Edinburgh Vineyard have met, spent time with and posed questions to each of these authors and we can say they are the real deal and live out what they write about.


Scattered Servants (Alan Scott)

Alan Scott shares practical ways for us to be servants to our City and see it come to life – in a way that is more than we would expect.


The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry (John Mark Comer)

Our very own Debbie Campbell says that John Mark enables you to think about things in your life without feeling like you have to make massive changes. It highlights the issues we face today and gives practical solutions to help and draw us back to the things that are important. Precious things that God has for us that we may miss if we let life just happen.


Speaking of Jesus (Carl Medearis)

In the Bible we read about how Jesus met people everyday and had everyday conversations – that usually made a huge difference to peoples lives. This is a great book for our all day everyday conversations (This book is free when you sign up with Audio Audible)


Worship is one of our core values. We are, at our very core, a community of people who find their identity, strength. and joy in the presence of God, so please use these playlists to enhance your day!

Edinburgh Vineyard Worship Play List

Click here for Spotify / Click here for iTunes

Playlist of the Month


If you are more of a listener, these podcasts, in a purposeful and memorable way, help you to grow in the adventure of following Jesus.


The Ferment

In this wide ranging podcast, thought leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs, and other innovators are interviewed, digging into their personal stories of following Jesus. Click here


Vineyard Podcast

Inspiring talks from Vineyard national events, plus weekly Vineyard Insights from seasoned leaders. Click here

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Vineyard Anaheim Podcast

5 part series “Towards a Flourishing Mind” with Alan Scott. Click here


Vineyard Anaheim Podcast

Video by Dan Wilt. Click here

Dan’s “Daily Examen.” Click here

Cause to Live For 2020

Earlier in November, thousands of young adults from across the Vineyard movement gathered online for Cause to Live For 2020. If you missed any of Cause this year, it’s all available to watch again, including the worship and talks from Neil Young, Paul Lowe and an interview with Neil & Janet Young. Click here

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